2 billionth SMS sent from Infronics server at SBI Data Center Navi Mumbai on 7th April 2012 - The highest volume of SMSs pushed for a single client in India.


Infronics has been awarded ‘Special Recognition – NATIONAL AWARD 2010, Government of India’ for OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEUESHIP IN MSMEs Sector


April, 2010. FAPCCI Award for "Excellence in Research & Developement" Sector


February, 2010. All India Industrial Exhibition (AIIE) Award Function 2009 - 2010 Sector




Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) continues to evolve as a major technology for tracking goods and assets around the world. RFID uses radio waves to identify 'things' automatically and in real time. Infronics RFID Based Asset Tracking Solution tracks inventory in-motion, in-the-field or in the warehouse using RFID based readers or Hand held devices.
Asset Tracking solution transmits scanned asset information to the web and then on to your enterprise in real-time. The underlying database keeps track of your inventory and storage locations. Pictures of each item are also stored in the database. The web-enabled database provides secure worldwide access to your information.

While automatically tracking the inventory, Infronics Asset tracking software performs a range of functions including: on-hand status and search, automated receiving, inventory status changes, zone differentiation and shrink reduction. It also contains user-customizable fields, which allow the user to specify the naming of each field to fit the terminology of their business, to generate user-customized reports, and to log into history the receipt and movement of inventory.