2 billionth SMS sent from Infronics server at SBI Data Center Navi Mumbai on 7th April 2012 - The highest volume of SMSs pushed for a single client in India.


Infronics has been awarded ‘Special Recognition – NATIONAL AWARD 2010, Government of India’ for OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEUESHIP IN MSMEs Sector


April, 2010. FAPCCI Award for "Excellence in Research & Developement" Sector


February, 2010. All India Industrial Exhibition (AIIE) Award Function 2009 - 2010 Sector




The current scenario in the world where globalization and traffic between countries have increased dramatically, where illegal immigration, high criminal rates and terrorist threats become a major concern for governments, calls for increased public security. The fight against this issues demand a huge effort from immigration and police authorities in order to create a Secure Area within the geographical limits of the country.

 Our Secure Border Management System integrates the latest advances in security technology and provides to the immigration authorities a tool to fight efficiently against these new threats.

Infronics Border Management System delivers a scalable integrated solution, enabling governments to combine traveler screening systems, risk assessment through profiling and investigation, authority to carry, and visit management—effectively securing borders at minimal cost.