2 billionth SMS sent from Infronics server at SBI Data Center Navi Mumbai on 7th April 2012 - The highest volume of SMSs pushed for a single client in India.


Infronics has been awarded ‘Special Recognition – NATIONAL AWARD 2010, Government of India’ for OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEUESHIP IN MSMEs Sector


April, 2010. FAPCCI Award for "Excellence in Research & Developement" Sector


February, 2010. All India Industrial Exhibition (AIIE) Award Function 2009 - 2010 Sector





With the basis of Aadhar based UID authentication or Smart Card based authentication, the HHD can be utilized primarily for automated entitlement verification, beneficiary fingerprint authentication, receipt generation, transactions update to database and make available real-time information to the department for efficient monitoring and management of PDS

Benefits of automation in ePDS

  • Correct identification of beneficiaries, as a result of biometric authentication of beneficiaries for commodities disbursement
  • Clean-up of the beneficiary database
  • Information visibility across the PDS, reduces diversion and misuse, if any, existing in the system
  • Real-time information availability enables quick decision making
  • Electronic security and control over confidential data of department
  • Availability of automated transactions information enables to generate MIS reports and analyze performance, trends, etc.
  • Fast and efficient redressal of stakeholder grievances