2 billionth SMS sent from Infronics server at SBI Data Center Navi Mumbai on 7th April 2012 - The highest volume of SMSs pushed for a single client in India.


Infronics has been awarded ‘Special Recognition – NATIONAL AWARD 2010, Government of India’ for OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEUESHIP IN MSMEs Sector


April, 2010. FAPCCI Award for "Excellence in Research & Developement" Sector


February, 2010. All India Industrial Exhibition (AIIE) Award Function 2009 - 2010 Sector




Manufacturing industry produces products, moves the finish product to Stores. The common pain area in Stores Management is wrong identification of products during receipt/ dispatches. Also the inventory of the items in the Stores is a point of concern along with locating items in the Stores. The contributing factors are Manual Errors, Dependency and reduced Productivity.

Using Infronics RFID's solution, inventory in the stores can be updated in real time without product movement, scanning or human involvement. Our fully automated system allows inventory status to be determined and shipping & receiving documents to be generated automatically. The system can also trigger automatic orders for products that are low in inventory.